PDF编辑工具 Master PDF Editor v5.9.06

Master PDF Editor是一款简单易用的PDF编辑工具,用于处理配备了强大的多功能功能的PDF文档。使用主PDF编辑器,您可以轻松查看,创建和修改PDF文档。该应用程...

Master PDF Editor是一款简单易用的PDF编辑工具,用于处理配备了强大的多功能功能的PDF文档。使用主PDF编辑器,您可以轻松查看,创建和修改PDF文档。该应用程序使您可以将多个文件合并为一个文件,将源文档分成多个文档,还可以对PDF文件进行注释,签名和加密。

PDF编辑工具 Master PDF Editor v5.9.06

v5.9.06 (2022-10-26)
• Added single page view mode. Normal mode is now calLED Continuous.
• Improved text editing, separated objects are now automatically merged into blocks.
• improved OCR – updated tesseract-ocr to 5. Simplified OCR settings
• Disabled font auto-replace when editing, now it is replaced only when required.
• Added new window for font replacing when editing text.
• Reintroduced Win32 support.
• Fixed issue that caused crash during document optimization.
• Fixed issue with text encoding of some PDFs.
• Fixed XFA render with some fonts.
• Extended enterprise functionality.
• Fixed crash when scanning in some Linux systems.
• Removed transparent background in redaction settings.
• Added check for registration code expiration when checking updates.
• Added file locking for cases of simultaneous opening by different Master PDF Editor instances.
• Some modifications to tool-sets.
• Added buttons to the bookmark page of the Navigation bar.
• Added page number to search results.
• Added page insertion in the Navigation bar.
• File name length in the tab header is now dynamic.
• Improved rotation in the Object Inspector.
• Improved detection of the background fill color for OCR.
• Added pages deleting from the Navigation bar with the Del button on the keyboard.
• Fixed incorrect behavior of the delete bookmarks button.
• Fixed the popup bar behavior on text selection.
• Fixed moving to a page containing search results.
• Fixed the incorrect behavior of the Object Inspector.
• Highlight tool now saves its color after selecting a different tool.
• Added auto-save option with specified interval.
• Added new feature to mark inserted pages with a bookmark.
• Added option to choose even/odd pages everywhere upon page range choice.
• Added align and move to layer buttons to Object Inspector.
• Fixed a bug where comment’s author would be shown as author of replies to the comment.
• Fixed a bug with the names of files when exporting pages. In some cases files weren’t created when the filenames were empty.
• Fixed the bug with the update of page count when pages were inserted through Navigation Bar.
• Fixed the bug with the deletion of pages through Navigation Bar when the count of columns was decreased incorrectly.
• Added a new feature, now it’s possible to paste copied objects into a current mouse location, instead of original coordinates only.
• Added multiple selection in Object TreeView.
• Other minor fixes and improvements.

Master PDF Editor v5.9.06 多国语言版:https://code-industry.net/public/MasterPDFEditor-setup.exe

MasterPDFEditor 5.7+ x86/x64 Patch By BB2018


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